It’s not a long ride from the institute to
the institution

by Andrea Rubin

the faux naif resurgence. it’s so nouveau and retro. i’m reading about it on a public morning commute bus while pigeon collective is wheeling in the sky. o dirty naked man perched on a do-not-enter sign: can you say something meaningful about pigeons and the faux naif resurgence. perched on a do not enter sign beneath a harvard mba advertisement invitation. can you say something about localism. i think it means artistically i see pigeons in the sky and the word media appears 25 times in the essay i am reading. media: a highly constructed anti-sabbatical electronic cultural messaging system. media plural of medium guash ink magic marker. let’s elide glide ourselves beyond or before culture. beneath the metaphor. com-munication with the spirit world enables the chef to grill the hamburger to a degree that is just brown and not pink. medium well-done the faux naif resurgence means i find it hard to recover the syntax i was once in the past formerly accustomed to. means the words have seceded, individualism has triumphed over localism. it is not a long bus ride from the institute to the institution. just a few letters and a trip and fall down the stairs.