Joan Mazza
Shopping for a Crystal Ball on eBay

I sort selections by most expensive first
because I want one that’s clear so I can see
images of the future without the blur
of bubbled glass or demon pokes. Who
wouldn’t want to know if now’s the time
to move to a ranch house before you can’t
climb stairs? Better to know if I’ll outlive
my money while I can still change my habits
of spending online before the sun is up.
Not much time left? Health in question?
I’d reorder my priorities, maybe move again
to a place without ice or snow or tornadoes.
I might dive below the first level of reveal
with purple words in blue ink. A selection
for those who can intuit truth from fantasy.
150 mm on a dark wooden stand, transparent
portal to a luminous future I might live to see.
Without free will, I click through to final
purchase. No date offered for delivery.