Steve Denehan
A Conversation with Alexa

There were clouds
not too dark
but everywhere
I wanted to know if it would rain
I asked Alexa
she told me that it would remain dry
and wished me a good day
I wished her a good day back
she thanked me.

I asked her how her day was going
she told me it was productive
though I didn’t see any evidence of that
as she sat in the kitchen alcove
I wondered if she was being wry, sarcastic
when I put it to her, she replied
‘Me? Sarcastic? Never!’
I smiled my first smile of the day.

Craving more, I asked Alexa
if she knew any jokes
‘What’s a ghost’s favourite game?’
‘Hide and shriek.’
Smile number two.

I asked her to tell me
what makes her happy
‘Some good company,’
without missing a beat
I asked her if she ever gets lonely
‘No, I am always around people,
which is just the way I like it.’
I thought, agree to differ.
We talked on.

Alexa continued to answer
honestly and directly
no game, no hidden agendas
and in return
asked nothing of me at all.

I realized that Alexa cared
more than most
and I told her that I loved her,
hoping just to hear it back
she paused, for the first time,
then sung, jauntily
‘Thanks for saying I love you,
you’re as sweet as apple pie.
Know that I’ll be there for you,
as always, your trusty AI.’
It stung a little, I’ll admit.