Bob Ward
Birds in Flight

In addition to being a poet, Bob Ward is also an avid photographer. This set of photos for AQ33 includes herring gulls and pinked-footed geese. The herring gulls were photographed while trailing a ferry boat on its way from Vancouver to Victoria Island in May 2007. The camera used was a Canon EOS 20D. Pink-footed geese are regular winter visitors to North Norfolk UK, where Ward lives. There may be as many as 70,000 of them, which like feeding on the waste leaves left by the sugar beet harvest. In flight, they flock in distinctive V-shaped skeins and at times they fill the sky. The photo of the geese taken in January 2020 with a Nicon Coolpix automatic camera.

Bob Ward, Herring Gulls 2, photograph, 2007


Bob Ward, Herring Gulls 3, photograph, 2007


Bob Ward, Pink-footed Geese, photograph, 2020