Amsterdam Quarterly Celebrates Ninth Yearbook

Amsterdam Quarterly Celebrates Ninth Yearbook
Nine A’dam/NL-Resident Contributors Present

On 24 January 2020, Amsterdam Quarterly held its ninth annual yearbook launch party and reading at the American Book Center in Amsterdam. Present were nine Amsterdam or Dutch-resident writer and/or artist contributors—the most ever at an annual reading—and an audience of approximately 25. Readers included Nina Ascoly, Nathan Beck, Simon Brod, Darya Danesh, Sarah Kinebanian, Sandhya Krishnakumar, Bryan R. Monte, bart plantenga, and Pat Seman.

Amsterdam Quarterly 2019 Yearbook Party Readers, 24 January 2020. (L. to r. Nathan Beck, Sandhya Krishnakumar, Darya Danesh, Bryan R. Monte, Simon Brod, Pat Seman, bart plantenga, Nina Ascoly, and Sarah Kinebanian

Highlights of the Amsterdam Quarterly 2019 Yearbook include art and a photoessay by Ladislav R. Hanka, fiction by David Butler, Susan L. Lloy and Pat Seman, an interview with Susan S. Lloy, memoirs by Darya Danesh, Daniel Hudon, Bryan R. Monte, and bart plantenga, photography by Demi Anter, Nina Ascoly, Jury S. Judge, Keith Moul, and Bob Ward, and poetry by Nathan Beck, Simon Brod, Sandhya Krishnakumar, Ian C. Smith, Meryl Stratford, David Subacchi, and Jon Thompson, among others.

Amsterdam Quarterly was founded in 2011. Its mission is to publish, promote, and comment on writing and art in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and the world. AQ is published four times annually: online in the spring, summer, and autumn, and in the winter as a print-on-demand compilation anthology. AQ produces theme-based issues. The issues for 2019 were Media (AQ24), Amsterdam (AQ25), and Borderlands (AQ26).

Themes for 2020 include Beginnings/Endings (AQ27, now online), The Weather (AQ28, reading period April 2020), and Choices (AQ29, reading period July 2020). Since its founding in 2011, AQ has published work in twelve genres: art, articles, drama, essays, fiction, interviews, memoirs, news, photoessays, photography, poetry, and reviews.