Gaby Bedetti – Times Square in August

Gaby Bedetti
Times Square in August

Gaby Bedetti writes: ‘The city is a text. Going to a city offers a reading of the people and environment. At the time of this photo, our family had just stepped out of the theatre after a performance of Hamilton. The liveliness of the performance synced with the liveliness of the crowd gathered to watch people dancing to a boombox. Our intimacy with the performers merged with our connection with the crowd. Like an ukiyo-e painting, the photo invites the viewer to live in the moment of the frame as a part of “the floating world.” This photo was shot with a Canon PowerShot SX130 IS.’

Gaby Bedetti, Times Square in August 2021, photograph, 2021

Jim Hodge – Moth on a Step

Jim Hodge
Moth on a Step

As with most things in the life of a hypomanic and formally diagnosed ADHD mind, poetry, black & white photography, and music have all acted as balms in my life, grabbing my attention, whispering to my ears and calling on my eyes to slow down, notice and be intentionally present—to momentarily exit the whitewater currents of daily life, to pull the kayak ashore, look downstream, and merely float in the beauty of the world. They are the equivalent of a stop, drop, and roll to extinguish the bonfires of the mind. The photo of a ‘Moth on a Cement Step’, as well as the poem, came to life on the same day, July 3, 2022. This digital photo was taken on an iPhone 5.

Jim Hodge Moth on a Cement Step, photograph, 2022

Edward Lee – Wet Street

Edward Lee
Wet Street

Edward Lee writes: ‘This picture was taken in Barcelona with an Olympus E-510. I’ve always been attracted to images that contain a multitude of possible stories/interpretations, what may have happened before the picture was taken, what might happen after, what may be happening just outside of the shot.’

Edward Lee, Wet Street, photograph, 2021

Susan E. Lloy – Prospect, Nova Scotia

Susan E. Lloy
Prospect, Nova Scotia

The ocean is many things to many people, but for me it is home. It’s a dream place I visit, if I’m fortunate, once a year. Prospect is where I hiked with my late father, who sketched and painted this slice of land, where the wild Atlantic spars with the rocky shore. Its wide expanse is where spirits are rejuvenated and worries washed away with each tide.
       When I write fiction settings on the sea, this majestic point is where I imagine my characters walking and observing, where their souls are awakened, as well as my own. This photo was shot with an iPhone 7.

Susan E. Lloy, Prospect, Nova Scotia, photograph, 2022

Kevin Vivers – Fallow

Kevin Vivers

Kevin Vivers writes: ‘I have been a photographer for over 40 years and I am constantly amazed by what the world has to offer if one just takes the time to see it. I have no preconceived notions as to what I am looking to photograph and with an open mind and eye my images are very instinctual, reflexive. Not spur of the moment but watchful of those moments as they come into view.’

Kevin Vivers, Fallow, photograph, 2021

Bob Ward – Caldbeck Village Green, Cumbria UK

Bob Ward
Caldbeck Village Green, Cumbria UK

Bob Ward writes: ‘I enjoy taking photographs as records of people or places simply as they are. This photo was taken in Caldbeck Village Green located in Cumbria, UK. It is the quintessential representation of a Cumbrian village with a green, a duck pond, whitewashed stone houses with slate roofs, and green hills with hedgerows and trees in the background. The photo was taken on either a Canon D20 or D7 SLR camera.

Bob Ward, Caldwell Village Green, Cumbria, UK, photograph, 2022

Ray Zhang – Street of Colour and Mountainside Blossoms

Ray Zhang
Street of Colour and Mountainside Blossoms

Ray Zhang is a senior in high school and he has an unquenchable love for photography. His work has been published in the Blue Marble Review and recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Association. His photographs, ‘Street of Colour’ and ‘Mountainside Blossoms’, were taken with an iPhone during his pre-pandemic trip to western China. Ray believes the most important aspect of photography is capturing people’s genuine nature and lifestyles.

Ray Zhang, Street of Colour, photograph, 2019

Ray Zhang, Mountainside Blossoms, photograph, 2019

Bob Ward – Seaside Conversations

Bob Ward
Seaside Conversations

Among the many pleasures to be savoured on holiday, a leading one must be conversations, often with the strangers you happen to meet informally. Those are occasions when you enrich each other’s being and are able to do so because there is no pressure to rush off anywhere in pursuit of some arid goal that’s been imposed on you. Arising from this, I’ve taken an interest in how people often become truly themselves when engaged in conversation. These photographs are records of people simply talking to each other. They were taken in Wells-next-the-Sea, UK on either a Canon D20 or D7 SLR camera.

Bob Ward, Asking Directions, photograph, 2022.


Bob Ward, Reminiscing, photograph, 2022.

Bob Ward – Birds in Flight

Bob Ward
Birds in Flight

In addition to being a poet, Bob Ward is also an avid photographer. This set of photos for AQ33 includes herring gulls and pinked-footed geese. The herring gulls were photographed while trailing a ferry boat on its way from Vancouver to Victoria Island in May 2007. The camera used was a Canon EOS 20D. Pink-footed geese are regular winter visitors to North Norfolk UK, where Ward lives. There may be as many as 70,000 of them, which like feeding on the waste leaves left by the sugar beet harvest. In flight, they flock in distinctive V-shaped skeins and at times they fill the sky. The photo of the geese taken in January 2020 with a Nicon Coolpix automatic camera.

Bob Ward, Herring Gulls 2, photograph, 2007


Bob Ward, Herring Gulls 3, photograph, 2007


Bob Ward, Pink-footed Geese, photograph, 2020

AKaiser – Sky series: Gloria

Sky series: Gloria

AKaiser writes: ‘Catching light would be a way to consider my photographic work. You could say I am rather obsessed by it and stop myself more and more to try to capture shades and shadow, foreground and depth ground, at any hour. I’d like to think that my photos reveal further nuances the longer one gazes upon them, as became apparent to me as I stood in and breathed with the live moment, attending.

Both my visual and written work are attempts to hone attention on the stepped over, the unseen, the unidentified. I am a walker and rambler, a journeywoman trying to be awake in the present moment, to translate this stroll, both expansive and detailed, wide and concise, into my work.’

AKaiser, Sky series: Gloria, photograph, 2021.