Fin Keegan
How to Liberate Planet A

Curious to think that
at a conservative estimate
there are several trillion planets
in the universe—and more

by the time you read this.
But reckon with this:
we are small—so small that
there is not much of a

difference between us
and the newt by the gate.
And he is no more going to
move to another planet

than we are going to find
the square root of minus one.
No new planets for us then,
for all that we can count them and

like to imagine ourselves upon them.
The metaverse of course
will seek to persuade you otherwise,
as will TV and, alas, books:

all ‘entrenchments’
as Nietzsche correctly saw.
Talk to your neighbour:
he is still there in spite of all.

That is where the liberation
of Planet A will begin.